Fear- Expository Essay 2

Fear is an everyday experience.  People fear different things and react to fear in many different ways.  While some fear snakes, other fear spiders; and while some react by screaming and running away, others are incapacitated by their fear and cannot move or speak.

Most people have a fear of the unknown.  When confronted with something they see a foreign or dangerous, they act against it.  Frankenstein was a man made of seven men and brought to life by Dr. Frankenstein.  He was viewed as evil and a monster by the surrounding village.  He did not look human and his disfigured appearance terrified the people.  They feared he would destroy their village and kill the people.  They reacted by storming the castle when Dr. Frankenstein and his creation were residing and attacking the doctor and the monster.  Violence is a very common reaction to fear.  Mob mentality is easily spread and quickly escalates if enough fear is produced and it can have deadly effects.

Copper Springs is a man-made lake where many people go to swim.  However, because is within the borders of the Great Swamp, some of the wildlife takes up residence in the water and surrounding grasses.  One of the commonly sighted creatures is the water snake.  Though there has never been a case where the snake was poisonous, it still evokes great fear in the children and parents on the beach.  While swimming around the center dock, a young girl heard an announcement made for all swimmers to evacuate the water because there was another snake.  Instead of retreating to the beach, she climbed the ladder onto the dock and stood there shaking in fear.  She merely rocked back and forth repeating the words “I don’t want to die,” even though the snake was not poisonous.  She was unable to move from her spot on the dock and had to be escorted to the beach by one of the life guards.  The girl was paralyzed by her fear, unlike the rest of the swimmers that ran, well swam; she was unable to move to safety.

There are many different ways in which people react to fear.  Either they will run, scream, attack, or become incapacitated.  There is no rational response yet there is not irrational response.  It is just what the body and mind do.

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